Terms of Participation

As a nonprofit choosing to participate and collaborate as a benefiting partner, Spring2ACTion requires that you enter into this Memorandum of Understanding which sets forth the services and duties provided by Spring2ACTion and roles and responsibilities of all participants.

  1. I confirm that my organization is a nonprofit eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts and will provide our EIN number and state charitable solicitation registration for verification.
  2. I understand that my organization is encouraged to focus the majority of its overall marketing efforts in the weeks leading up to Spring2ACTion to the campaign to create a sense of excitement among donors, volunteers, media partners and fellow nonprofits.
  3. I understand that Spring2ACTion is not responsible for the amount of money contributed to my organization over the course of the event and understand that donors choose where to place their gifts and that Spring2ACTion has no control of this process.
  4. I confirm that my organization has a website or social media account(s) and that we will add the Spring2ACTion link to one or both.
  5. I understand that my organization's staff, board of directors, volunteers, and donors should promote Spring2ACTion over the course of the 24 hour event using social media.
  6. I understand that if asked to participate in any interviews with newspaper, tv or radio that I speak on behalf of all nonprofits participating in Spring2ACTion.
  7. I understand that my organization will receive all the monies that have been donated to my organization less any transaction fees not covered by the individual donor.
  8. I understand that GiveGab.com is an online platform which will safely process all contributions made to the event.
  9. I understand that all donations will be disbursed within 5 business days via electronic funds transfer minus transaction fees.
  10. I understand that fraudulent donations made to my organization to enhance chances for a Spring2ACTion prize or match is prohibited and will result in revocation of prize and future Spring2ACTion participation.
  11. I acknowledge that each gift processed through Spring2ACTion.org is 100% tax deductible. No goods or services are exchanged for gifts or as payment for “quid pro quo” items.
  12. I agree that individuals or groups raising funds for a nonprofit through peer to peer functionality (as a Free Agent Fundraiser) cannot offer any kind of incentives (time, product, or consideration) in exchange for donations made through Spring2ACTion.org.
  13. I understand that Spring2ACTion.org is a vehicle to allow individuals to donate to nonprofits on their own initiative and that it is not intended as a vehicle to facilitate gifts that the nonprofit organization has solicited through other means. (Example: payment of event sponsorships or pledge payments.)
  14. I understand that any donations processed outside of the Giving Day donation period through GiveGab.com, or subsequent recurring donations, are also subject to the transaction fees outlined above.
  15. I agree that donations the nonprofit organization receives through Spring2ACTion.org will NOT be used for the following purposes and that the nonprofit organization, its representatives or agents, will NOT solicit donations through Spring2ACTion.org for such purposes:
    • To support a political campaign
    • To purchase event or raffle tickets
    • To pay for membership, dinner, or any other activity that provides benefit to the donor
    • To pay for personal expenses, including tuition incurred by a director, officer, or employee of your organization or any of their relatives


ACT will not share or sell donor information to any other organization or entity, but does reserve the right to communicate with donors for the purpose of user surveys, newsletters, and general education about philanthropy.

While ACT strives to provide its participants with the best possible experience, please note that ACT relies on third parties to administer and facilitate its online giving platform and, therefore, disclaims any warranties, implied or expressed, related to the functionality of that platform. By participation, you understand and agree that ACT is in no way responsible for malfunctions in that platform including, but not limited to, service interruptions, lost data, donation accounting errors, or software malfunctions, and, therefore, you agree to assume these risks and hold ACT harmless for any such incident.