Impact Stories

Spring2ACTion is celebrating its 11-year anniversary and highlighting stories about the impact of Alexandria’s Giving Day has had on our community. If you have a story to share, send in your story here.

Maury PTA


Maury Schoolyard Initiative was a specific, focused PTA effort led by parents of Maury students. For years, the playground had deteriorated to an unusable state. The parents mobilized, developed a world class plan with Gensler, and targeted Spring2ACTion for a major fundraising push led by Amy Rutherford. The team masterfully engaged, entertained, and combined our grassroots base of parent, neighbor, grandparents, friends and neighbors with a highly strategic fundraising effort. With Free Agent Fundraisers and ongoing appeals, we engaged 859 donors, raising more than $75,000! This put our public private partnership on the course for success.