Ambassador Social Media Guide

You can use these sample social media posts to get the word out to your social networks! You can copy and paste or get creative - just make sure to always include link to and use #spring2action in all of your posts.


  • Let’s join together to give back to the community we love. April 15 is #Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s Giving Day. With a single donation, you have the chance to make a big difference in our community.
  • During the coronavirus response, local nonprofits need your help more than ever. Donate today to support your favorite organization(s) so we can help keep the community safe and healthy.
  • Join us in celebrating #Spring2ACTion on April 15. We may be social distancing, but we can still come together as a community to support Alexandria. Help us continue to serve the community we love by donating to your favorite nonprofit(s)!
  • All hands on deck! Join other generous donors during #Spring2ACTion to help our community through this crisis.
  • In these uncertain times, community is more important than ever before. Give back on April 15 to help the amazing organizations working to ensure the safety and well-being of Alexandria residents.


  • Let your generosity shine through! April 15 is #Spring2ACTion. Help our community stay safe and healthy by supporting Alexandria’s Giving Day!
  • All hands on deck! Join other generous donors during #Spring2ACTion to help our community through this crisis. 
  • We all have the power to help our community. Join your neighbors in making a donation through #Spring2ACTion.
  • In times of crisis, our neighbors and community can make a big difference. Support our nonprofits by donating on April 15 as part of #Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s Giving Day.


  • Use your own personal photos to show your support and tell your story, and make sure to use #spring2action in your posts
  • Insert the link to in your bio, that way your supporters will be able to navigate to the site right from Instagram!

Tips & Ideas for Fundraising

Social Media Challenge: Use social media as a way to interact with others close to the cause and to promote your fundraising efforts.

Hashtag Challenges: Hashtags are a great way to engage with your network! Use the hashtags associated with the organization you’re fundraising if you are fundraising or promote your giving story - why you give, what causes you love.

Popular Hashtags

  • #Spring2ACTion: Expand the reach of your posts by inserting yourself into the #Spring2ACTion conversation! Your posts will be searchable by anyone looking to be involved in the day.


Utilize the suite of social share image on the Spring2ACTion website to make your fundraising posts stand out on social media. Here’s a link to our downloadable goodies section.

You can also enhance your own personal photos using free online editing resources like Canva. Personalized graphics will highlight your story to make a greater impact when reaching out to friends and family through email and social media. And including the link to website, the organization's name you support, and the Spring2ACTion hashtag on your image will make the graphic an even more powerful tool for fundraising!