Why Spring2ACTion?

Spring2ACTion is Alexandria’s Giving Day. On April 27, 2022 we will celebrate our community’s 12th annual giving day! The 24-hour period is to inspire all to do good by getting on Spring2ACTion.org and give to a cause(s) you are passionate about.

Spring2ACTion provides an easy and fun way for all of us to give together while lifting our local nonprofits that provide arts and culture, education, health and basic needs to our community and more!

The day, organized by ACT for Alexandria, has raised more than $13M in the past 10 years for the programs and services that support children, family, senior, veteran, animal and art related causes in our community.

In 2022, we aim to raise $2.5M for 150 nonprofits right here in Alexandria.

Why nonprofits participate and Alexandrians give on Spring2ACTion Day?

  • Collective Impact: It’s an opportunity to come together to give a donation and collectively make a BIG impact for our community – more than one individual can do alone!
  • Dollar goes further: There are matches, cash prizes and additional incentives that increase donations made on this day.
  • Cost effective for nonprofits: Spring2ACTion is an effective way for nonprofits to raise money online and attract new donors. The planning and execution of this campaign preserves the limited resources of our nonprofits, while raising important funds to sustain the services in Alexandria. Nearly 38% of all donations were new to nonprofits!
  • Easy and Fun for donors: It is an online marketplace for donors to make quick donations. During Spring2ACTion anyone can make one or five donations to their favorite nonprofits, find new ones or fundraise for a cause they are passionate about.
  • BIG voice for all nonprofits: This day leverages the power of PR and a community-wide marketing campaign, bringing awareness and attention to the entire nonprofit community - more than one nonprofit can do alone.

Year-round, Spring2ACTion.org and ACTforAlexandria.org are leading resource for companies, newcomers, and families looking to connect to giving; finding a nonprofit to volunteer with; or learn about the issues facing our community.

Why Spring2ACTion works?

Spring2ACTion takes many hours of work, dedicated ACT staff and innovative ideas to rally Alexandrians, educate and support the nonprofit community to be successful, and connect people with the causes they are passionate about.

SpringACTion is successful because ACT provides:

  • Online platform: A giving day platform designed in partnership with our provider, GiveGab, that is effective, secure and responsive for donors and has unique features, like leaderboards, fundraiser pages and gift reporting to support nonprofits’ success.
  • Marketing and public relations: As one of the most widely recognized community events in Alexandria, Spring2ACTion garners significant exposure for our nonprofits. In 2021, the Spring2ACTion website had more than:
    • 35,000 visitors,
    • 182,000 page views
    • 8,500 donors gave to 156 nonprofits.
    We know exposure will continue to grow, giving our nonprofits access to more donors and opportunities to raise money for the important work they do every day.
  • Easy and fast resources & support: We equip nonprofits, fundraisers and partners with important toolkits, training, and marketing materials (print and online) necessary to support a successful campaign. ACT also supports the campaign with administrative and operational resources to coordinate the activities of the day. For 2022, ACT plans to commit 1,500 hours of staff time to plan, execute and support this effort.
  • Community engagement: This initiative pulls the entire community together for the benefit of many, exceeding the ability of one nonprofit trying to execute a day like this on its own. In 2021, nearly 8,600 individuals came together to give, resulting in $2.5M in donations.
  • New audiences: ACT recruits companies to engage their employees, offer matches and compete for “good”, known as S2A Business Fundraisers. ACT also engages S2A Ambassadors & local influencers to engage and inspire all parts of Alexandria to get online and give.
  • Matches and Prizes: ACT solicits substantial financial support from business and community partners to offer nonprofits the opportunity to win additional prizes and leverage matching funds. In 2021, nonprofits received $25,000+ in additional prizes, and ACT continues to add prizes to ensure equity in prizes and opportunities for all organizations to win.

What it takes to run Spring2ACTion?

It takes resources to execute a giving day of this size, but the payoff is worth it!

To make the initiative sustainable, a small fee of 7% + $0.30 cents is assessed on each online donation. Here’s what it pays for:

2% GiveGab, the platform provider’s service charge for building and maintaining a highly secure site, live event customer service, donation processing, and other resources
2.5% ACT’s management fee to partially offset staff support costs, year-round planning, marketing, valuable nonprofit trainings, and nonprofit support services
2.5% plus $0.30 per transaction standard credit card fees
Total Fee of 7% + $.30 per online transaction

Recognizing the cost of effective fundraising, donors have the option to cover all fees on behalf of the organization at checkout. In 2021, 70% of donors chose to cover fees, resulting in the nonprofit(s) receiving 100% of the intended gift.

100% of ACT management fee goes directly to support and improve the event. The money is used to prepare nonprofits, solicit prizes and matches, produce an extensive marketing effort and materials, offer quality trainings and toolkits, buy advertising and help cover the extensive staff time required to present Spring2ACTion. Without the financial support generated through fees, this event would not be possible.

For questions about Spring2ACTion, please contact Brandi Yee at brandi.yee@actforalexandria.org or 703-739-7778 or visit www.Spring2ACTion.org.