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Why Spring2ACTion?

Spring2ACTion is Alexandria’s Giving Day. On April 27, 2022 we will celebrate the community’s 11th annual giving day! The 24-hour period is to inspire all to do good by getting on and giving to a cause(s) you are passionate about.

The day, organized by ACT for Alexandria, has raised more than $15M in the past 11 years for 150 local nonprofits.

Why participate in Spring2ACTion Day?

  1. Raise unrestricted dollars: This day engages the entire community to give collectively and make donations that allow nonprofits to address the most pressing needs or new initiatives. This platform also allows individuals and groups to raise dollars on your behalf through easy fundraiser pages.
  2. BIG voice for all nonprofits: This day leverages the power of PR and a community-wide marketing campaign, bringing awareness and attention to the entire nonprofit community - more than one nonprofit can do alone. In 2020, 8,453 donors raised $2.45M for 156 nonprofits serving Alexandria.
  3. Relevant, quality training & resources (S2A and beyond): ACT provides nonprofits and fundraisers with important toolkits, in-person trainings, and marketing materials necessary to support a successful S2A campaign or any other fundraising strategies you do year-round!
  4. New audiences: ACT recruits companies to engage their employees, offer matches and compete for “good”. ACT also engages Ambassadors & local influencers to inspire everyone in Alexandria to get online and give. There are dozens of in-person events happening around the city, on the street, in stores and at coffee shops to encourage and celebrate giving. 23% of all donations were new to nonprofits!
  5. Cost effective for nonprofits: Spring2ACTion is an effective way to raise money online and acquire new donors. The planning and execution of this campaign preserves your limited resources, while raising important funds. A 65%-75% net profit is standard for events such as galas, golf tournaments, races/runs, etc. For Spring2ACTion, nonprofits experience a 93%+ net profit on online donations.
  6. Matches and Incentives: There are matches and cash prizes that increase donations made on this day. In 2020, nonprofits received $20,000+ in additional prizes and over $500K in matches. Businesses and individuals who support your cause can provide matching dollars to motivate supporters to give to your organization.
  7. Easy and Fun online platform: You are part of an online marketplace for donors to make quick donations. Many donors say they like S2A because it gives them the ability to find so many nonprofits in one place, explore new ones and give to several organizations in one transaction.
  8. Year-round online presences: and are leading resources for companies, newcomers, and families looking to connect to giving; finding a nonprofit to volunteer with; or learn about the issues facing our community.

What is the Participation Fee and Deadline?

Spring2ACTion takes many hours of work, dedicated ACT staff and innovative ideas to rally Alexandrians, educate and support the nonprofit community to be successful. In 2021, 1500 ACT staff hours will be dedicated to planning and producing Spring2ACTion. It takes resources to execute a giving day of this size, but the payoff is worth it!

Registration deadline is March 1. For Spring2ACTion 2022, ACT for Alexandria is assessing a nominal $30 participation fee to make this important day sustainable and to grow the reach and impact of this campaign through extensive marketing, advertising and outreach, matches and prizes, live training sessions and useful resource materials to help you build capacity and reach new donors. A $50 fee will be charged for late registrations after March 1st. Organizations will not be able to register after March 31, 2022 – no exceptions.

For donors, each online donation, a fee of 7% + $0.30 will be applied at checkout. This covers a small management fee of 2.5% for ACT for Alexandria to partially offset extensive staff support, marketing, training, year-round planning and hosting Spring2ACTion; a GiveGab platform fee of 2% for building & maintaining a secure site, donation processing and live support; and a standard credit card company fee of 2.5% + 30¢ on a per transaction basis will apply. Donors have the option to cover these fees for the organization. In 2020, 67% of donors covered fees, meaning the nonprofit(s) received 100% of the intended gift.

100% of ACT management fee goes directly to support, build and improve Spring2ACTion year over year. Without the financial support generated through fees this event would not be possible. For more information on the value of Spring2ACTion, please click here.

For questions about Spring2ACTion, please contact Brandi Yee at​ or 703-739-7778 or visit ​​.

What a few nonprofits have to say about their Spring2ACTion experience!

  • "This is our main fundraiser for the year. We no longer hold auction style events for fundraising which is easier on the organization and volunteers and our parent/donor community prefers this model as evident by response to S2A versus the last 2-3 auction style events we held."
  • "It's relatively low-lift with a large return."
  • "S2A has helped us establish an online donation site. We use the platform throughout the year. We also greatly appreciate being part of a campaign that draws the attention of everyone in the city. S2A has also helped us financially. In 2019 the event helped us raise approximately 30% of our annual income thanks to individual donations and the matching grant we received...right on target!"
  • "Always well run. Like the new platform and branding is better and better. Appreciate the time and effort that ACT takes to provide such an opportunity for Alexandria non-profits -- even those of us who aren't the big winners or strategic success stories."
  • "The training provided was excellent."
  • "We have been able to grow our participation in this program and leverage it as our largest fundraising opportunity."
  • "We have received increased visibility for our museums and special fundraising projects through S2A."
  • "S2A 2019 campaign came at just the right time for us. We got further exposure to the Alexandria community right after an event we held in the Old Town neighborhood. S2A allowed us to receive a donation from a foundation. S2A continues to be an important part of our Alexandria work and a vital resource."