Spring2ACTion Leaderboards

Congratulations to all nonprofits who participated in this year's Spring2ACTion event on April 15, 2020.

Only online gifts and designated gifts through Donor Advised Funds at ACT for Alexandria and processed between April 3rd and April 15th are eligible for Leaderboard prizes (Early Giving Period includes April 3-April 14). Donor Advised Funds used as matching grants for individual nonprofits are not eligible for Leaderboard prizes.

Unless otherwise noted, only online donations made during Spring2ACTion on April 15, 2020, will be considered for prizes. All prizes winners are subject to verification.

Organizations are only eligible to win one leaderboard prize, one early giving prize, one power hour prize, and one randomly drawn prize. If your organization qualified for more than one leaderboard prize, ACT for Alexandria referred to your highest-ranking placement for final winner standings.