Engaging Your Supporters in Free Agent Fundraising

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What is a Free Agent Fundraiser?

A Free Agent Fundraiser, also known as FAF, is a supporter who rallies around your cause to fundraise on your behalf. These supporters create their own fundraising page as a spin off of your main Spring2ACTion profile. Your fundraisers will share that page with their network to expand the reach of your cause and bring in new donors. These individuals are passionate about the work you do, and use their voice to make a difference!

Who are Your Potential Fundraisers?

Your friends and family know how important your work is and want to see you succeed. Ask your personal network to help you and your organization by getting involved as a fundraiser. They may not be personally connected to your organization, but they are to you, so they’ll be more than willing to raise money on your behalf!

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Head to your Spring2ACTion Dashboard through your GiveGab Account

From www.givegab.com click "You" in the top right corner of your page and select "Admin Dashboard" from the dropdown menu for the cause area you'd like to access. Click on the “Edit Profile” button from the Giving Day banner highlighted in the video below.

Step 2: Add Free Agent Fundraisers to your Spring2ACTion Dashboard

From your Giving Day Dashboard, expand the sixth tab that says "Add Fundraisers" to recruit FAFs for your cause. Click the "Add Fundraisers" button to start inviting them.

You can invite multiple people at once by clicking the "+ New Fundraiser" button. Once you've added all of your fundraisers, click the "Next" button.

Step 3: Customize & Send Your Invitation

After clicking the "Next" button you'll be able to compose a custom message that your fundraisers will receive in their invitation email. You can customize the email subject and message before sending it off to your supporters. Once your message is ready to send click the "Send" button.

After clicking the "Send" button you'll be able to view and manage your fundraisers from the "Add Fundraisers" tab of your Giving Day Dashboard.


Step 4: Share the Spring2ACTion Fundraiser Guide with your FAF

This page allows your P2P fundraisers to learn about all the features they can utilize when creating their fundraiser. Within this Fundraiser Guide, they have access to communication templates, P2P strategies, and a customized downloadable P2P Fundraising Playbook!

When you press "send", the supporter will receive an email with your message along with a link their Fundraising Toolkit where they can manage and customize their page.

Your supporters can also start fundraising without being recruited by clicking the “Fundraise” button on your Spring2ACTion profile. Those fundraisers will be directed to their Fundraising Toolkit where they can start customizing their page and reaching out to their network immediately!


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