Collecting Giving Stories: The community wants to hear them!

When people hear others’ stories and actions for good, it makes the idea of giving easy, tangible and exciting to do! It is also a great way to share your mission and message through the eyes of your donors. A few short donor giving stories can elevate your Spring2ACTion communications - newsletters, social media posts, blog posts, and more!

Spring2ACTion is built on people giving to organizations that are meaningful to them and hearing about new ones from people they can relate to or personally know. In 2022, 7,700 donors gave $2.65M to 172 nonprofits serving Alexandria in just 24 hours -- that is 7,700 stories of giving!

Create a few stories for your organization:

  1. Select a few donors/volunteers/employees to share their story.
  2. Ask them to tell you “why they give” (250 words or less). Below are a few prompting questions to ask them.
  3. Find or ask them for a high quality photo of them, their family, or a candid shot of them working with your organization.
  4. Share their stories on your social media channels leading up to Spring2ACTion. Keep it short and be sure to use #Spring2ACTion and tag: Twitter: @ACTforAlex FB: @ACTforAlexandria Instagram: @ACTforAlexandria

Here are a few questions to help create a short giving story:

  • Why is being generous important to you? What inspired you to give back?
  • Why are you passionate about our cause?
  • What was your first step to engage - what pushed you to do it?
  • How have you been involved in advancing causes through volunteerism, advocacy, events, and/or through services and financial donations?
  • How have you seen people or organizations benefit from your generosity?
  • What’s one thing you wish others knew about the cause or organization?
  • Has the experience of giving back moved you personally or professionally, or given you a new perspective?
  • What advice would you give someone looking to get involved and make a positive impact?

About Spring2ACTion

Spring2ACTion is Alexandria’s Giving Day. On April 26, 2023 we will celebrate the community’s 13th annual giving day! The 24-hour period is to inspire all to do good by getting on and giving to a cause(s) you are passionate about, providing an easy and fun way for all of us to give together while lifting up our local nonprofits. The day, organized by ACT for Alexandria, has raised more than $17 M in the past 13 years for the programs and services that support children, family, senior, veteran, animal and art related causes in our community. 

Examples of giving stories to help donors!

“All families are different but no matter how different they do or don’t look, every family longs to connect and be accepted. That is why we support Family Services for our community and organizations like this who are serving the needs of all families. We volunteer as a family a few times a year and do a coat drive and bring friends to hear about the great work being done.”

“When I was young, our family hit a rough patch and we had to move to a shelter. I was terrified but the staff there showed me kindness, made me feel special and safe. I give to our local shelter and fundraise for them each year, so other children and families can feel that way too if they ever find themselves in the same place.”

“I believe the strongest bond is between a child and their mother. A mother is a child’s first teacher. But not all mothers have the resources and role models they need to be a successful parent. I am committed to organizations that provide quality child care for underserved kids and support services for mothers and families. Every year, my family talks about organizations and makes donations. We also commit to volunteering with them once a year. I am teaching my kids the value of giving back.”

“Donating and volunteering has given me a feeling that can’t be fully explained in words alone…watching the reactions of recipients, reading their letters, and just knowing that you have made a positive difference in someone’s life is absolutely priceless. I many not get to always meet those I am helping but my hope is that my help will inspire that person to do good for others. We all have the capacity to give something to make someone’s life better. We were all given something in this life at some point because someone was paying it forward. I spend my life doing the same.”