Spring2ACTion Business Toolkit

What is Spring2ACTion?

Spring2ACTion is Alexandria’s 24-hour online Giving Day on April 25, 2018. Since Spring2ACTion began in 2011, it has raised $6,321,603 for Alexandria nonprofits. In 2017 alone, Spring2ACTion raised a record-breaking $1,592,459 for 158 nonprofits serving Alexandria from 9,000 donors.

Ways to get involved:

  • Become a sponsor! Your sponsorship of Spring2ACTion will provide awareness, support, prizes, and matching dollars for participating nonprofit organizations. Learn more about sponsorships here.
  • Tell your constituency! Share the news about Spring2ACTion with your employees, clients, customers, and through social media!
  • Support your favorite nonprofit! Consider donating a % of sales on April 25 in support of your favorite nonprofit.
  • Host a donor lounge and collect physical and online donations for Spring2ACTion at your location. Have fun with your donor lounge and consider creating an event around it.
  • Donate goods or services to a Spring2ACTion event to help nonprofits rally their supporters to get excited about their cause.
  • Show your support by advertising a Spring2ACTion poster at your business!

Benefits of Supporting Spring2ACTion

Spring2ACTion garners significant exposure as one of the most widely recognized community events in Alexandria. In 2017, the Spring2ACTion website had more than 60,000 visitors, 250,000 page views, and 9,000+ donors gave to the 159 nonprofits. We expect exposure to grow this year with the adoption of a new platform that makes sharing Spring2ACTion activities on social media easier than ever before.

Nonprofits Participating in Spring2ACTion

Last year, more than 150 nonprofits participated in Spring2ACTion. We expect participation to grow this year. For a list of participating organizations, check out www.Spring2ACTion.org.

Engage with Spring2ACTion

Connect with #Spring2ACTion on our social media networks. Like, share, repost from our feeds and tag Spring2ACTion when you post about the Giving Day! Use #Spring2ACTion across all social media!

Facebook: facebook.com/Spring2ACTion/ @Spring2ACTion

Twitter: twitter.com/Spring2ACT @Spring2ACT

Spring2ACTion Website - www.spring2action.org

Download Social Media Graphics

Sample Email

Email is the easiest and fastest way to get the word out about Spring2ACTion. Consider including an email about Spring2ACTion into one of your regular emails or create a separate email about Spring2ACTion. You are welcome to use this sample email in its entirety, as a guide, or create your own.

Sample Subject Lines:

  • Alexandria's nonprofits need YOUR support!
  • Why [Name of Company] supports the Alexandria community
  • 24 hours to show support for YOUR favorite Alexandria cause(s)

Sample Content:

We are supporting Alexandria nonprofits through Spring2ACTion on April 25, Alexandria’s Giving Day. We will be supporting [name of nonprofit] by [explain your activity, % of sales, etc.]. I hope you will participate in our efforts to support this cause or one of your own.

Here is a chance to do something remarkable - raise as much money as possible for nonprofits throughout Alexandria in a single day. Across Alexandria, people like us will be going online to Spring2ACTion.org to give to a cause they care about. It is a 24 hour online giving day, all day on April 25.

I hope you will join me in supporting Alexandria’s nonprofits and our community.

Sample Social Media Posts

Social media is a great way to promote Spring2ACTion. Consider these suggested posts or create your own. Also, be sure to like, share, repost from our feeds and tag Spring2ACTion when you post about the Giving Day! Use #Spring2ACTion across all social media!

March 25:

Mark your calendars for Alexandria’s biggest online giving day – Spring2ACTion on April 25! Check out www.spring2action.org to learn about the 100+ participating nonprofits. #spring2action #alexandriagiving

April 11:

Give early, give often - Spring2ACTion.org is now open for early donations. Select your favorite nonprofit and get ready to give! #spring2action #alexandriagiving

April 15:

Only 10 days until Spring2ACTion, Alexandria's Giving Day! Find your favorite nonprofit and give at www.spring2action.org. Perfect way to use your tax refund! #spring2action #alexandriagiving

April 20:

Five days until the official kickoff of Spring2ACTion, Alexandria's Giving Day. Visit www.spring2action.org and make an early gift to your favorite charity! #spring2action #alexandriagiving

April 25:

One day can make a world of difference. Today is that day! Support Alexandria's nonprofits and give today at www.spring2action.org #spring2action #alexandriagiving